Jacqueline Jordan-Martin
Advanced Energy Medicine Therapies


"Jacqueline holds a safe and sacred space for healing to happen!
In my session I was able to face a longstanding difficult issue with ease and compassion that initiated a gentle process of resolution. Jacqueline provides essential insight and inspiration through her hands, head and heart that invited me to listen deeply and discover resources within myself.  Throughout the session I felt her presence guide me towards an enlightened path and ever since I have experienced a positive shift with my intimate relationships, career aspirations and interpersonal relationship with Self.  I so appreciate the wisdom Jacqueline has to offer as well as her references to books that will support this transformational shift. I would recommend this process to anyone who is feeling stuck in old patterns or needing a fresh perspective on their life."
Shivani Jane 
G.C.F.P. Guild Certified  Feldenkrais Practitioner of Somatic Education 
C.Y.T. Certified Yoga Teacher
"I have had many massages in my life. Some better than others. Having scoliosis can be an issue for getting massages, as a lot of them felt great in the moment, but the next day, I would feel rotated or off balanced. And it would take me a few days to undo the rotations. Then after receiving work from Jacqueline, I did not have that experience. She also fixed an issue I was having with my back by doing process acupressure. Next, a kink I had in my neck forever was released, then another in my lower back. Session by session my body's become better and better, and virtually pain free." - CD, San Diego

"Jacqueline is the first person I call when I am stressed, in pain or just in need of a good massage.  I know how gifted she is and she is so caring.  She treated me before, during and after back surgery and I had a speedy and excellent recovery.  The surgeon said it was amazing and I credit that to her work.  I am now pain free and ready to resume my active lifestyle.  I highly recommend her and will continue to see her often!"  - TM (Energy Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy)


"Peaceful and relaxing experience. I felt re-energized the next day." - RFJ, Long beach (Deep Body Work)


"Jacqueline's Process Acupressure placed me in a profound deep state of relaxation and reflection. I found myself rested, renewed and with insights to contemplate and move forward with my life." - S.M. 


"I received a complete body massage! It was amazing! My hip joints opened up in ways that I never thought possible. It was a freeing, energizing experience. The best massage I have ever gotten. Thank you!" -GJ - Rancho Palos Verdes (Esalen Massage)


"When I heard of Jacqueline I knew immediately that I needed her in my life.  I spoke with her, over the phone, the day I received her contact information.  My experience throughout that phone conversation was one affirmation after another.   She just seemed to catch me as I shared my thoughts.  She is incredibly gentle, calm and steady, and full of wisdom and compassion.  I trusted Jacqueline from the moment I heard her voice.  I felt I was home.  I did not know what I needed from our relationship, but I went with my intuition that something great was going to come out of working with her.  More greatness has come than I ever could have imagined.  She has healed parts of me that I did not know could change in the deep, foundational way that I have experienced.  Jacqueline has shared her talents with me and my entire family.  We all feel abundantly grateful to work with her." -SMB, San Diego (Advanced Energy Medicine Therapies)




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